Don Sak Garden. Resort Bed and Breakfast Farm.

Welcome to Don Sak Garden!
Resort and Farm.



One house. Three rooms.



Don Sak Garden is a small family resort and farm situated in the province Surathani, Town Don Sak. 

We are a happy family living in harmony with nature. We grow our own vegetables, fruits and flowers. Mango, papaya, pineapple, banana to aloe vera. 
We have three dogs and about twenty chickens running around our yard. 

This place is ideal for tiered party fanatics or easy going folk that want a genuine Thai experience. Go visit a local temple, help out in the nearby school, visit private beaches and go to a genuine thai market.

A source of income for many southern Thais is rubber, if requested arrangements can be made to join workers on a night in the field or if you just want to see the raw rubber become the product that can be sold.

Muay Thai training is available in a simple setting a trainer can be arranged for a fee.
Of course guest are more than welcome to pick fruits or help out on the farm.

The more you ask of us the more we will provide for you.

Our houses is located 10 min from Seatran ferry and Raja ferry, close to Wat Visut in the small comunity of “Baan Naam Tjuut”.
These ferrys can take you to Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao.
We have a large contact net which means we can help with accomodation on every island.

Motorbike. We have two for rent, 100b per day, if you stay longer arrangement can be made for discount.
Beaches. In the vicinity.
Watch pink dolphins.
Boat tour.
Temples. Stupa containing a relic of the Buddha.
Genuine Thai experience.
Muay Thai.


FB Stefan Santi Öman Bunpuckdee.

FB Jaruwan Bunpuckdee Persson.
Tel:0870042177 and 0912146026

FB Kaj Gunnar Persson.

FB Anders Wassan Öman Bunpuckdee.


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